Limitless Life…Week 2

Week 2 of my bible study and this week my blog is about a very special place, picture and people. One of our options for this week was:

SNAP IT ~ God desires to be our friend, and longs for us to be in fellowship with Him and fellow believers. We’d love to see a pic of 1) you in fellowship with your community; or 2) your quiet time with God showing your fellowship with Him. –

I chose to show a picture of both. Although I am not in the picture (I took it) I was still fellowshipping with my community. This is my youth group.


Every year we take them on a hike to Crowders Mtn. in Gastonia NC and we have a small lesson for them and then they have about 30 minutes of quit time just to spread out and find a place for them to just sit with God and marinate on the word. After we have done that we always go to this spot you see in the picture and take a group picture like this. Many times out kids just stand in aw of the beauty they see as do I. This place is so grand and it shows how God has His hand it everything. In this moment we can see Gods creation as a big picture.

We like to show them this because so many times when we are in our everyday life we can miss God in the little things because many times we only think about Him in the big things. But when we are up there and see how grand this is we like to show them that God sees this in us. We like to tell them that God see us as this grand masterpiece that He has created. Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don’t but I know they have a new since of belonging once we leave this spot. We always do this right before school starts that way it helps them get into the mind set that God sees me as a masterpiece and I don’t have to worry about how others see me.

Friends I hope that as you looked at this picture, that you didn’t just see the youth standing there, or how grand it must be to stand there in person but I hope you see that God sees you as His grand work of art.






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