What’s in a name?


Identity, worth, placement?


As I’m sitting here at my desk I hear chatter from across the hall and I try not to overhear what is being said but sometimes it’s impossible.


My company is going through this major shift and a few of my co-workers will be moved to another part of the building into another program. With that being said, one of these co-workers has many different jobs that she performs that none of us know how to do because we have not been trained on.


Well the conversation I overheard was about who will perform those duties once she is placed elsewhere.

To make a long story short, I heard my name brought up and then I heard very light whispering and the fact that I was “only a temp”  was brought up, so of course that meant that I was not capable of doing those duties.


This had me on fire. My temper went so high I knew others could see the steam coming out of my ears.  So I did want any of us would, I complained to someone else. In fact 2 other people.  I did not feel as if they should just wrote me off like that. I deserve to be treated like I know how to do my job and any other job that they can teach me. But no “I’m just a temp”


So as my mind was filled with all these things that I believed was said in the conversation, I started to feel down and as if I wanted to cry. I felt worthless, like I didn’t have a place at my job, like I was invisible, like my ability was being questioned and like I didn’t have a name other than “the temp”.


Thank you Jesus that I had to leave work early that day because I was so hot I felt like I was going to blow up at someone.

As I got into the car the radio was on and the song “The Only Name” by Big Daddy Weave came on. As soon as they started to sing I felt the Holy Spirit start to speak to me.


He said “My child, why worry about what others said about your abilities or your name, or anything they want to call you? It’s my abilities that they need to see not yours and it’s my name not yours that needs to be shown. I gave you your abilities to be placed in this job that I have prepared for you, trust me and deny yourself.”


WOW, what a word he gave me.


Luke 9:23 says Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily,[a] and follow Me.


At that moment I realized that it doesn’t matter how anyone else sees me because they do not need to see me anyway. Luke tells us what Jesus has instructed the people of His time to do to be true followers but you see friends, Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday and even as He was when He walked this earth as a man. I must deny myself if I am truly a follower of Jesus.  I do not deserve this job but He gave it to me and prepared it specialty for me.


In this song one line says “The only One Whose favor I seek” Now the One mentioned in this song should be Jesus but on this day I realized that I wanted the favor of my co-workers and not Only of Jesus.


So today I seek to please no one but Jesus. I seek to have His name known not my own. I seek to deny myself and follow Jesus.

Dear Jesus, I pray today for not only me but all who are reading this to have peace in knowing that Yours is the ONLY name we should seek not our own. I pray that we seek favor from you and you alone. In your wonderful name I pray. Amen.


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