Two words come to my mind with I think of #perfectlove: Jesus (of course) and Joey.

Now we all should know why Jesus comes to mind when we think of this simple phrase but many of you are thinking to yourself “why Joey? Who is Joey?”  Well Joey is my husband of 12 ½ years, He is my soul mate. He is the one that God made for me and me only. He is the father of my children. He is mine.

So now I know you’re asking “why would you use him to describe perfect love?”

Well its simple because he loves me. I know simple right? Well not exactly.

You see for much of our marriage I put my husband through hell. I lied to him, I cheated on him, I turned my back on him, I caused him so much pain and yet 12 ½ years later we are still together.

4 years, 5 weeks and 3 days ago Joey and I walked down the aisle at a small church just a few blocks away from our home and asked Jesus into our hearts. That was a Wednesday and only the second time we stepped foot into this little church that was an old movie store. That night was the night that I saw perfect love from Jesus. That night I saw how my sins were washed away because Jesus and because of this I saw perfect love.

You see just the Friday before Joey and I decided that we were going to the divorce lawyer the next Monday. Well God had a different plan. Sunday we woke up and he asked if I wanted to go to church, I said sure. So we got up, got ready, got our 2 kids ready and went to church. That day something changed in our hearts about the lawyer. We decided to wait for a few days and think about it before we went. Well Wednesday came and off to church we went.

Needless to say we never made it to the lawyers office.

Because Joey and I both were saved that night, I began to see Jesus work in my beaten and broke down husband. I saw him began to love me differently. I saw him began to change into the man I know he always wanted to be. I saw him love our children differently. He became perfect love.

He told me before night, that he forgave me for all that I put him through, I wanted to believe him but there were times when I just couldn’t. There were times when he would say something to me that would tell me he did not forgive me. There were times when he would do something that showed me he still was hanging on the all the bad feeling he had toward me. Who could blame him?

But that Wednesday night when we took that walk hand in hand it all changed. His love for me changed. His feelings for me changed. His way of think about me changed. He truly forgave me. Because Jesus lives in him he was able to forgive me.

I see Joey as perfect Love because Jesus lives in him. In fact John 14:20 says

 On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.

So if Jesus is perfect Love and He lives in my husband than Joey is as well perfect Love.

Don’t get me wrong my husband is by no means perfect to anyone else but me. Although he will fail me because he is man, he also tries loves me the way Jesus loves me. And I believe he is doing a great job.

And that to me is #perfectlove.





6 thoughts on “#perfectlove

  1. Thank you all for your comments. I have struggled in the beginning on how I should share my testimony but now I believe that one day my testimony will help others. All of your kind words help me understand that I am doing what God has lead me to do. Please pray for me as I start to write a book about my testimony so others can see that no matter how far in sin you are, you are never too far for Jesus to find you. Blessing to you all.

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