My Little Sock Story

My feet were freezing this morning, so I searched in the dryer for a pair of socks that actually match. I truly cant believe that this time my dryer did not eat one of them.

Anyway, as I started to slip the warm socks on my ice cold toes I said to myself

“Man, no one could know how good this feels right now.”

Right then I hear a still small voice say “I know exactly how you feel right now in this moment.”

I’m thinking “what Lord? I mean I know you know my pain, and my anger, and all the things you died for on the cross for me but I don’t understand how you know how I feel right now.”

The whisper said “DO I not live inside of you?”

On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” John 14:20

“Well yes Lord you do but..”

“So than how can I not feel what you feel? How can I not see what you see? How can I not know what you need? If I live in you than I know…see…feel what you do.”

At that moment even though it was only the warm feeling of comfy socks covering my ice cold toes, I was comforted. I know He lives in me and when I am lonely, happy, sad, joyful, angry, loved, overwhelmed, when I feel anything I know that Jesus feels it as well and I know I am not alone.

Dear Jesus, I pray that whoever is reading this please comfort them in whatever is happening in their lives. Help them see that you will never leave them nor forsake them. Please fill them and me with your love. In Jesus name I pray Amen.



One thought on “My Little Sock Story

  1. Wow jennifer u nvr ceaseoto amaze me on the things u say. Thanks for that I really needed to be reminded how he is in me and nvr alone even when I feel I am.

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