A Heart At Rest (Blog Hopp)

So its bittersweet, this is my last blog for this bible study, but not my last blog….anyway here is the topic:

A Heart At Rest – How has saying yes to God throughout this study helped you find a heart a rest?

God truly has reveled Himself to me though this bible study. If you read my blog about “Discontentment” you will know how and why in more depth. But short version is that God showed me why I am so discontent in my life, he showed me my most inner being and He also showed me how to change that.

As Nikki shared once week about the #SayWhat moments, this was my say what moment. She sheared with us how her friend would pray over every single piece of clothes she washed for her family, she also said that this say what moment may not mean much to us but it meant the world to her friend. This is kind of how mine went.

I was so convicted of having my home a mess by God, I felt ashamed. I was never made to clean when I was younger, so that is how my home was. I thought my time was better spent elsewhere so I did not care how clean or unclean my home was. Now please understand we do not have bugs living with us but I mean that we just didn’t care how clean it was.

When the Lord showed me that my home is a reflection of my relationship with Him, I felt that I did not deserve to be in His presents. I questioned my walk with Him, my love for Him, my obedience to Him, and my love for Him.

But can I tell you that He quickly wrapped His mighty arms around me and showed me that even though we fail Him daily, He never will fail us. He will never leave us nor forsake us as explained in Hebrews 13:5. He showed me that there will be things in my life that He will have to chip away but He also showed me that this will take time for He will not do it all at once. At this moment my heart went from filled with so much sadness to filled with such a joy.

So since that day I have said yes to God my cleaning my house and this truly has set my heart at rest. This is taking me a while and I am still working on it but its coming along.

Will I also have the right answer? Will Jesus always come down and wrap His mighty arms around me so vividly and so noticeably?  Maybe not, I can assure you that day He did and that day my eyes were opened to the face of Jesus. 

Sweet friends I pray that when God reveals himself to us, that we know it is HIm and that He is doing it for good to show us who He was us to be not who we think we should be.

Friends have a blessed day.




2 thoughts on “A Heart At Rest (Blog Hopp)

  1. “Even though we fail him, He never fails us.” – YES! It sounds like God worked in your heart in a beautiful way through this study! I pray He continues to.
    🙂 Missy (FB Small Group Leader)

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