We refuse to give forgiveness because we believe that others have to earn it from us. Yet Jesus forgives us with no hesitation. We certainly have done nothing to earn His forgiveness.

Have you ever felt like what someone did to you was beyond your forgiveness? Like there is nowhere in you that could ever forgive what that person has done?

Have you felt that their offense was so far beyond God?

Have you ever felt that what you did to someone was so far beyond God that He wouldn’t come close to forgiving you?

Have you stole something, lied to your husband about where you were going or what money you spent, or have you punished you child in such a way you thought they would never forgive you?

Have you been that friend that didn’t remember the birthday party you were supposes to be at?

Have you been that person that turns their head and locks your car doors when you see someone that wasn’t wearing clean clothes because you just knew they were going to ask you for money?

Have you been the one in those conversations you know the ones you tell your children not to be a part of such as dirty jokes or talking about your co-workers behind their backs?

Are you the one who was lost at one point and can remember when you were judged by people, yet you turn your nose up at others because they are like who you used to be?

Yeah I know this is stepping on some toes but in today’s world babysitting and feel good message just aren’t getting the point across now are they????

If Jesus can forgive us….me and you, the ones who throws stones at Him, the ones who dragged Him on the ground up to the cross, we are the ones who beat Him…… and yet He tells us in Matthew;

“Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Matthew 11: 28

He offers to give us rest, His murders. Does this sound like someone who does not forgive, like someone who is holding a grudge, like someone who hates us for what we did to Him?

No, it does not. He bears all our sins and dies for us and yet we can’t forgive like Him…

My family can hold a grudge with the best of them. Sometimes I feel we are cursed with unforgiveness because we can never find that place that allows us to see that this emotion, this action is not healthy for our mind, body, or soul. I believe the only why I am able to forgive is through Jesus Christ. I seen forgiveness through my husband but when I turned my life around and fully surrendered to Him I believe that is when I understood what true forgiveness was.

You see my husband had every right in this world to run so far away from me and take our children with him and I couldn’t have said a word about it. I gave my husband lots of worried nights, hundreds of tears, told many many lies and yet he still stayed. He forgave me for the hell I put him through and still loved me.

I never understood why he stayed with me. I thought maybe because he just felt comfortable and did not want the kids to have to experience a divorce but 4 years ago I realized why he stayed. He loved me unconditionally, no matter what did to him, he wanted it to work. I finally understood that it was not him who forgave me but Jesus through him who forgave me.

Yes see we as humans cannot forgive on our own. We do not live in a world where forgiveness is seen as something good. We live in a world where it is seen as being weak and broken. We live in a world where you can sue McDonalds if your coffee spills in your lap because you yourself dropped it because it was too hot, all the while the coffee being in a cup that says “caution HOT”

We cannot forgive unless He forgives us and we cannot be forgiven unless we accept His forgiveness.

Now I know many will disagree with me but think about it. We can say we forgive someone but what will happen the next time something comes about? You will remember what that person did the first time and all the feelings will creep back up and fester inside like a rotted splinter until you explode. Now was that ever true forgiveness?

“For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.” Matthew 6:14-15


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