Our yes stories won’t always be big. Sometimes surrendering in the small things brings the greatest blessing. How has God been glorified in your life through a small act of obedience?

My hubby and I are on the youth leadership team at church and we have about 30 youth right now. Well this summer we took them to a summer camp and 7 of them answered the call to missions. One of them, a 16 year old girl is going to India for 15 days during Christmas this year. She must come up with about $3400 in order to go, so I have commented to help her raise as much of that money as we can.

We decided to have a bake sale at a local flea market this past weekend. SO earlier last week I went and bought 2 kinds of cookies and brownies to make that Friday.

So Friday comes and then the events from the week catch up with me and I am so very tired I just want to sit with me sister and my hubby and watch a movie and relax, well God had a different plan for me.

I figured that my girl would have enough to sale with everything she had made so I was going to relax. Well, as soon as the good part of the movie (which I have already seen) come on I heard “Go bake” So I  looked around and i realized that no one in that room said that to me. I shook it off and turned up the T.V. A few minuets later I again heard, a little louder, “GO BAKE”. So at this point I did what anyone else would do….I turned to T.V up again and told my hubby and my sister “you might want this a little louder cause I will be using the mixer.”

I figured denying what He said once was enough for me, if He said it twice I better do it.

SO in to the kitchen I went. Mind you this was at 10:30 at night. SO I start to bake and I can seem to keep my eyes open but 12:45 comes along and finally I am finished.

So I crawl into bed because I now only have about 4 hours of sleep because I have to be at the flea market at 6am which meant I had to wake up at 5am to get ready and leave on time.

SO my alarm goes off many times and 5:40am I finally get myself up of course rushing to get everything ready and go. But then I get a text that says:

“Hey its raining really bad are we still going?”

I looked and the rain is so heavy I told her no one would be there b/e its an outdoor flea market so we did not go.

So now I thought “I stayed up to bake all that and now its raining.”

Isn’t that just how it goes sometimes, you stay up preparing what you did not want to do but knew you had to do for everything to just get stopped before it gets started?

Well I crawled back into bed and I thanked Jesus for the rain so I could get that much needed sleep. I woke back up at noon. YES I said NOON. My husband and children let me sleep.

I felt so love from them but I also felt that through my obedience to stay up and bake the night before, the Lord allowed me to crawl back in bed and get that much needed rest.

Needless to say we were able to do a bake sale Sunday at our church and she made $254.00 to go toward her trip.

Would we have made more or less at the flea market the day before? I don’t know but I do know that the Lord put us where we needed to be for her to get a good start on raising the money for her trip. She is such a blessing to me and our church and I know that this is the start to something even bigger in her life and mine.

Many people may not see that as anything but a raining day but I see this as God saying that He knew what I needed and He was right there with me to give it to me.

God is Good ALL the time….



7 thoughts on “#YESTOGOD

  1. Thank you sharing this with us! Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that just because I can’t see the result of my obedience, it doesn’t mean that God didn’t have a purpose for it. Usually my desired results for my obedience, isn’t what God had planned…it’s better! Thanks again for sharing with us!

  2. I love it when God gives us little gifts like that. Your story reminded me of when I was pregnant with my 3rd and we live in Romania and I was having cravings for chicken fingers and honey mustard sauce really bad and couldn’t get them here. I was sitting on the couch crying because I didn’t know what to fix for supper. The next day we drove over to Budapest, Hungary and low and behold we drive right by a TGIFriday’s that we didn’t know was there and I had chicken fingers and honey mustard sauce for supper! I said yes to God and went to Romania and He gives me little blessings like that to show He cares even about the little things.

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